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Nicolas Cage was one of the highest paid actors in hollywood, but lost all his wealth in a moment. is there a chance for nicolas cage to return to the top league of cinema? what role does he like the most? and why did he purchase a haunted house?

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childhoodnicolas coppola was born on january 7, 1964 in the california city of long beach, in the suburbs of los angeles. his parents were literature teacher august floyd coppola and dancer and choreographer joy vogelsang. nicolas was the youngest of three sons. yes, that’s right, the real surname of nicolas is coppola, he is the nephew of the famous director francis ford coppola.

that fact partly had a large impact on cage’s future life and his future attachment to cinema. he wanted to become an actor from an early age.his idol was actor james dean, as well as bruce lee. inspired by the latter, cage even studied martial arts for a while.francis and nicolas are not the only creative persons from the coppola family, which is often called the clan.

one of nicolas’ elder brothers also became an actor. the second chose the profession of a film director. and his grandfather carmine coppola was a famous composer.”i think that a love of music came to me from my grandfather. i’m a big fan of both rock and classics. i like to listen to bach at home, and when i’m driving in the car– “led zeppelin” or tom waits sound.”

once the boys began to bully nicolas because of his famous surname, but he did not run to the teachers or parents to complain. instead, he changed into a leather jacket, put on dark glasses and appeared before the bullies under the guise of roy richards, threatening to beat them.

the trick was a great success and since then no one had picked on nicolas anymore. the childhood of the future actor was darkened by the fact that his mother had serious mental problems.she was plagued with mental illness for most of my childhoodwhen the boy was 12 years old, his parents divorced, but the sons kept warm relations with both dad and mom.”these are two integral aspects– my father gave me an intellectual life, and my mother gave me an emotional life, and one goes well with the other and help me a lot in acting” nicolas attended beverly hills high school, which was famous for its graduates who have made a career in show business.

he aspired to act from an early age, so he participated in school productions, and also attended the school of theater, film and television at the university of california, los angeles. in high school, he often spent his summer holidays on acting courses in san francisco.when nicolas was 15, he began to actively ask uncle francis to give him a role in a movie.

one day they were driving in a car and nicolas asked to hold an audition for him.”give me a screen test – i’ll show you acting.” there was just silence in the car.nicolas did not give up, without waiting for help from the famous uncle. he decided to drop out of high school to enroll in courses at the ucla school of theater, film and television. francis ford coppola, james dean and many other cinema stars graduated from that institution at one time. early careerthe actor made his film debut in 1981.

then nicolas appeared in the tv series “the best of times”after that, he got a cameo role in the comedy “fast times at ridgemont high”. as it often happened with newcomers, most of the scenes with him were cut. that greatly undermined nicolas’ self-esteem. for a while he worked as a popcorn seller at the fairfax theater, thinking that it was the only way to a film career.and then his famous uncle decided to help his nephew a little. he gave nicolas a job reading lines with actors auditioning for coppola’s “rumble fish”.

as a result, cage managed to prove himself and get a small role in that film.however, nicolas wanted to break into the big cinema on his own. he chose the pseudonym cage, avoiding associations with his family. it was chosen on behalf of the great avant-garde composer john cage and marvel comics hero luke cage at the same time.”i always liked luke cage because he had supernatural abilities, but at the same time he sometimes experienced human feelings– depression, for example.”

as a result, our hero appeared in his next film already under the surname cage. it was valley girl of 1983. that time he got not an episodic, but the central role of punk rocker randy, for which the actor received a fee of 5 thousand dollars.

it’s not bad enough for a beginner. the film received mostly positive reviews, and, one might say, launched cage’s career.the next works of the young actor were the melodrama “racing with the moon” and the drama “birdy”, which received the grand prix of the cannes film festival.

preparing for filming, nicolas cage demanded that he, like his hero, pull out two teeth without anesthesia. in the same year, he began dating actress jenny wright. they met at one of the auditions. the actress was only 2 years older than her lover, but cage’s friends kept joking about him: “bro, why do you need this lady?”. in early 1986, the couple announced their engagement.

even invitations were sent out, but a month before the ceremonie, the guests received notifications by mail that the wedding would not happen. it was said that jenny caught nicolas cheating, but both have stayed silent to this day about the true reasons for their breaking up. no matter how hard the actor tried not to use family ties, francis ford coppola still influenced the development of his career by offering to act in his next projects. first there was the gangster drama “the cotton club” in 1984.

there nicolas’ role wasn’t again the leading one, but he still took the preparation very seriously. cage smashed his own van into small pieces of iron, while shouting and cursing wildly, in order to get into character. the director called him a psycho, but it could be called the best compliment. it was probably just then francis ford coppola finally realized that his nephew could be a good actor.

therefore, in his film “peggy sue got married” in 1986, cage got the main role.the recognition of his uncle meant even more to cage than the public and critics’ approval. although he continued to grumble sometimes, as if nicolas did not know how to act at all. nevertheless, cage brilliantly coped with his role, playing in a duet with actress kathleen turner.

although, in the process of working on the picture, the uncle-director once got angry at his nephew and almost fired him for persistently making his hero speak in some strange falsetto. but later coppola resigned himself and agreed that the unusual tone of voice successfully highlighted the character of the hero.a major breakthrough in his career can be considered the melodrama “moonstruck” by norman jewison, which became one of the winners of the 1988 oscar.

cage played a central role there, sharing the set with the brilliant cher. by the way, cage owes her his role. initially, cage’s auditions did not impress the director. but cher insisted that he should be given a chance, and even threatened to leave the film if he didn’t get it.cage said that during the shooting of one of the most emotional scenes, he was inspired by fritz lang’s iconic “metropolis”, namely the moment when the doctor took the glove off the metal hand.

in that way cage wanted to add a touch of german expressionism to the the same 87th year, cage played the role of a recidivist thief in the coen brothers’ crime comedy “raising arizona”. it was the first film by famous directors, shot in their signature genre – low comedy.getting the role from the coen brothers turned out to be a difficult task.

the relationship between nicolas cage and the coens was respectful, but very emotional. cage often offered the coen brothers ideas that they ignored.”joel and ethan have a very strong vision and i’ve learned how difficult it is to accept another artist’s vision. they have an autocratic nature.”nevertheless, the atmosphere on the set was friendly. “super 8 feeling” – it was how cage described working on the film. that phrase meant that the pleasure the actor received from filming could be compared to the moments when his brothers and he made films with a super 8 camera given by their father as a child.

that was the moment when filming took place solely for the love of cinema. it wasn’t for money or recognition, but simply because you were crazy about that story and the filming process.remarkably, film critics did not initially enjoy the film as much as its creators.

only over time, their opinion began to change dramatically. at the moment “raising arizona” is firmly among the classic comedies of the 1980s. the american film institute gave the coens’ film the 31st place in the list of the best american comedies.

in 1988, the film “vampire’s kiss” was released, where cage’s fee was already 40 thousand dollars. the film told the story of a literary agent who fell in love with a vampire. the picture failed at the box office, but later became a cult and gave us one of the most famous memes.later cage starred in the italian military drama “time to kill” in 1989, and in a year he got a role in the action movie “fire birds”, where his partners were tommy lee jones and sean young. that picture also received a bad rating.

it was perceived as a secondary work based on the successful film “top gun” with tom cruise.after that, cage was more lucky, and he, along with actress laura dern, played the main role in david lynch’s melodrama “wild at heart”. the director himself wrote the music for the film, and nicolas sang the song.

that film was awarded the main prize “palme d’or” at the cannes film festival, and cage’s work was highly appreciated, although he did not receive prizes for it.nicolas did not forget about his personal life either.back in ’88, the actor began to be noticed with actress christina fulton. in december 1990, the couple had a son, weston.

after becoming a mother, christina started demanding nicolas to be at home more often, but he, being busy with his career, could not physically do it. as a result, they broke up. cage, in addition to basic alimony, paid his son and ex-wife $ 3 million a year. but the actress thought that it was not enough. one day she sued her former lover, demanding also to give her possession of the house that cage bought when weston was born.

the court, taking into account the huge alimony, did not satisfy the wishes of the actress. the actors decided to keep the illusion of a good relationship for their son.

the next few years were fruitful for the actor by the number of roles and films, but generally were unsuccessful by the box office and public 1991, the erotic thriller “zandalee” was released, which received mostly negative critics’ reviews. and a year later – the romantic comedy “honeymoon in vegas” with sarah jessica parker was released.neo-noir thriller “red rock west” received quite positive reviews.

it toured the usa for a while as an art-house hit.the following film “amos & andrew”, where cage played in a duet with samuel l. jackson, failed at the box office. after that, there was the extremely unsuccessful “deadfall” directed by nicolas’ brother, christopher coppola, “guarding tess”, “it could happen to you”, “trapped in paradise” and “kiss of death”.

in 1992, cage met model kristen zang at one of the social events. the relationship between the stars lasted 2 years. it was like a fairy tale. nicolas proposed to kristen in a chic restaurant, knelt in front of the public.and everything would have been great if, shortly before the wedding, cage had not met his long-time beloved actress patricia arquette.

the story of cage’s matchmaking to arquette has long become a legend. they met back in 1987. cage fell in love with her so much that he made a marriage proposal 5 hours after the first meeting. the girl thought that the actor was joking and gave him a whole list of what he would need to do to become her husband. for example, to get a black orchid and an autograph of the writer salinger, who, as you know, lived as a recluse and did not let anyone come near himself.

when cage did all the actress’ wishes, she was afraid of such pressure and asked not to bother her anymore. and 8 years later, when nicolas was just getting ready for his wedding with zang, she suddenly called him and asked if he still wanted to marry her. the actor told zang that he decided to break up with her by, in 1995, their wedding took place.

the marriage would last as long as 6 years, although it was claimed that it was an official info, but in fact the couple lived together for only nine months.1995 was also significant for cage’s acting career.the heyday of a careercage was lucky enough to get the main role of an unhappy alcoholic who fell in love with a call girl in a romantic drama “leaving las vegas”.

the actor continued the tradition of careful preparation for the role. he reviewed all the cult films about alcoholics, and borrowed something from each character. in addition, cage had been drinking in dublin for two weeks and asked a friend to take him on video to study how he behaved in a state of drunkenness. the actor also visited hospitalized alcoholics.

he said “it was one of the most enjoyable pieces of research i’ve ever had to do for a part.”cage didn’t stop there and hired the poet tony dingman, who was drinking heavily at the time.tony often said brilliant drunken aphorisms during that time and cage later used it in the film.

cage shot there with full confidence that no one would need that movie with a small budget, and he wouldn’t see an oscar. and in that case the actor just decided to wig out. he decided to act for pleasure, without thinking about the consequences. he was trying to get out of control in front of the camera in order to give maximum credibility and realism.

the golden globe and oscar statues were a real surprise for cage. despite the modest expectations of the creators, the film got excellent reviews and was warmly received by the audience.”leaving las vegas” is still in the tops of the best films of nicolas cage. and what roles of an actor do you like the most? write in the comments.

the crime thriller “kiss of death”, released in the same year, did not have much success, but many critics highlighted cage’s acting.kenneth turan of the los angeles times called cage “one of the few american actors who are becoming more and more interesting from film to film.” the washington post wrote that cage “dominates the camera, stealing scenes by the sheer intensity of his inimitable strangeness” and makes the film “worth seeing”.

cage himself says he doesn’t have a specific style of act. it’s almost like a mixed martial art. it can be whatever you want it to can combine, you can create your jeet kune do with acting. don’t get trapped in a style. don’t get trapped in naturalism, and be open to your dreams.

your imagination is your most important tool, and there are ways to augment your imagination, healthy ways to augment your imagination, so that you’re not necessarily doing, you’re being. dreams. dreams are important.

the next film with cage was included in the top 100 best action movies of all time, and also became the only michael bay’s film to receive a “fresh” rating on rotten tomatoes. it’s about “the rock”, in which cage was on the set with sean connery.

during the filming, the actors actually lived in prison. drinking water and food were regularly brought to them from the “mainland”. shooting was complicated by the changeable weather, because of which the whole team had to stop working.

cage later said that his main task was to show a new type of the dynamic action character. the actor claimed that his character in the original script was weakly written and it was completely uninteresting to act him.”i think only two types of american films are successful all over the world: action films and comedies. but the genre of the action movie clearly goes bad.

people are tired of steroid heroes with small heads. i wanted to offer them such a hero, which has not yet been”as a result, michael bay, along with some screenwriters, thoroughly rewrote the original script, and gave cage total freedom of creation of the character.

according to rumors, sean connery agreed to star in the film only after nicolas cage got one of the roles. their tandem got positive reviews from the audience, and the actors received the mtv movie awards as the best duo.

a year later, another action movie with cage’s participation was released. it was “con air”, where john cusack and john malkovich were the cage’s company. although the cast and battle scenes were highly rated, generally the film received very restrained feedback from the critics. moreover, the “con air” got the golden raspberry anti-award.

“con air” and “the rock” enabled the actor to take hold in the role, which in following years became one of his favorites. it was the type of an “ordinary” person who got into extreme situations and was forced to show remarkable resourcefulness, ingenuity and often physical the same year, viewers were able to see another remarkable action movie with cage – ” face/off”. there his character was a policeman.

by the will of fate he changed faces with john travolta’s character – a criminal. initially, nicolas cage turned down the role, as he did not want to play a villain … however, when the actor was told that he would actually play a positive character for most of the film, he immediately agreed.

cage and travolta spent two weeks together before filming to learn how to act each other. they decided on the specific gestures and manner of speech of each character that could be imitated. cage considers this role his favorite.that was followed by cage’s successful, but less high-profile film works.

there was the touching “city of angels” with meg ryan; martin scorsese “bringing out the dead”, failed in box office, but received good reviews; the detective thriller “8 millimeters” with the impressive box office, and “snake eyes”, for which cage was paid a record $ 16 million for him.and at that time, a film about one of the most famous superheroes could appear in his filmography, but it did not work out.

in the mid-90s, warner bros. decided to make a film about superman for the 60th anniversary, where cage would play the main role, and tim burton would sit in the director’s chair. while cage, who is a big fan of superman, happily tried on the costume, the script was repeatedly rewritten.

hollywood legends stated that there were as many as 9 versions, and some of which were frankly delusional. at some point, the producers realized that, firstly, they did not have time to the anniversary, and secondly, the budget of the film was much higher than originally planned. as a result, the project was shut down. cage received a generous 20 million penalty as a consolation.

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