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Kimiko Flynn has had many lives, some of which she cannot even remember. At 14 years old, she moved to the United States from Japan as an exchange student and met her husband, who was stationed in the military in Japan at that time. After high school, Kimiko married her husband and they eventually had two children together.

Real NameKimiko Flynn
Date Of BirthDecember 13, 2014
Birth PlaceAmerica
Education QualificationStudent in Elementary School
SchoolingElementary School
ProfessionCelebrity Kid

Who is Kimiko Flynn?

A writer, artist, dancer and author, Kimiko Flynn is a multifaceted creative. Growing up in Dallas, Texas with a creative father who was always creating something new, it’s no surprise that she ended up as an artist and author. After earning her MFA from University of Texas at Austin with concentrations in painting and writing from Trinity School of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland and Charles Ullman Center for Advanced Studies at California College of Arts & Crafts in Oakland Calif., she started traveling the world to promote her art. She currently resides back home in Dallas working on freelance design work and her book Full Circle.

Age7 Years
Height2 feet 9 inch
Weight24 Kg
Eye ColorBrown Eyes
Hair ColorDark Brown

Kimiko Flynn’s Lifestyle

Kimiko grew up in a two-parent, upper-middle-class home in Kansas City. She was very close with her mother and father, who took care to keep her sheltered from racial tensions, but they couldn’t protect her from the pain that happened when she began attending school in Denver as a teenager. There were a few racist kids in every grade who made life difficult for minorities and other people who didn’t fit into their idea of normal. To fight the bullies that targeted her because of her race, she often started fighting back, coming into conflict with some teachers along the way. However, Kimiko’s anger always seemed to find an outlet on one or another bully; she never turned it inward.

Father NameRome Flynn
Mother NameMolly Noriko Hurley
Relationship StatusSingle

The Early Years

Kimiko grew up in Tokyo, Japan with a nomadic father. When she was eleven years old, her father passed away and her mother died the following year in a tragic accident, leaving her to live with her uncle. She went on to study in London where she spent a few years before returning to Tokyo. One day, while working as a cook at an Italian restaurant, she met Bob Lazar (later known as Robert Lazar) who would help shape the course of her life. It was 1987 and he spoke about government black-budget aircraft and extraterrestrials while they cooked pasta together. He encouraged her to get an American education and that’s what she did next by studying engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

Moving to the Big Apple

In 1996, she was living the New York City dream working as a marketing communications professional at one of the most recognizable names in its field. With a plum assignment—to work on brand positioning for a cereal company—she won an Addy Award, recognized as one of the most prestigious awards in advertising and marketing. But her life took a turn in 1997 when her contract with that company ended unexpectedly and she was laid off. That was my worst career experience, says Flynn, who found herself out of work while caring for an elderly family member back home in Connecticut and attending to matters associated with her mother’s death.

A Step in Time

Kimiko grew up in a family that felt like everything she did was wrong. It wasn’t until adulthood that Kimiko realized she was living her life trying to please everyone but herself. This is where her business, Kira Voice Training came into being. Today, Kira Voice Training has helped empower and encourage people all over the world to be their true selves, share their messages and live lives full of joy.

Asian Influences in NYC

This Saturday, I went to an event called the Japanese Festival in Manhattan. At first, I was skeptical and frankly intimidated by the Japanese culture; but walking around, watching and trying the various activities, talking to people in Japanese who do not speak English fluently – it all made me realize how wrong I was. In America, we often only think about certain parts of Japan – usually Tokyo or Kyoto – as being representative of the whole nation. However, as one man told me at the end of a game we had played together at the festival (I lost), It is important for us that you come and know more about us. The festival also raised some questions for me about how much Asian culture has influenced other aspects of New York City besides Chinatowns.

Transitioning out of Fashion

Kimiko had always been an adventurer at heart and she found herself wanting to start a life in a different industry altogether. After investing her time, energy and money into the fashion industry for many years, she felt that it was time for a change and began applying to universities where she could study something new like engineering or design. Now that she has graduated from college, she is balancing two very different careers – as a marketing consultant for an engineering firm and as the founder of Elipsica Watches. She’s happy with the way things have turned out so far but knows that there are many more roads to travel before all is said and done!

New Beginnings in Los Angeles

The moment I stepped onto the red dirt of Northern Zambia for the first time, I knew my life would never be the same. The trip was organized by the Full Life Project, which helps build sustainable schools in some of the poorest regions in Africa and sends teachers abroad to teach alongside their new students. In Los Angeles County, it’s hard to believe that people don’t have access to school at all. But as we drove through villages where people were going about their day-to-day activities without having been educated past basic reading and math skills, I started to feel overwhelmed with empathy for those living in extreme poverty.

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